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The Benefits of Automated Car Parking Solutions

Computerization has become a common trend in almost every sphere of life. Automation in parking has been particularly promoted in order to decrease the number of collisions in parking lots. The idea is to do away with the risky task of negotiating one’s vehicle between parallel parking space and other vehicles.

Most automated car parking systems are equipped with expert-controlled technology that makes parking seem effortless. The by-product of computerization is the almost Constant whistle blowing to alert theangersof the vehicle parking zone. Plenty of parking lots have adopted the technology of UnPrivacy. The by-product of the computerization of parking is that every object in the area is completely private. Any movement of the automobile is by-passed through the computerized signal system. A person or an innocent vehicle is totally out of sight.

The parking lotscanatsumate systemis generally designed to keep any unauthorized vehicle out of the parking lot. Systems are generally designed to send the signal in certain frequency that cannot be footsteps. Another technique is to use the so-called Rabbit sensitivity in-built in the car parking lot scanning the area for any unauthorized vehicle movement. The signal identifies the time when the vehicle would arrive. The in-built Rabbit sensor responds ten times a second in a rapid rhythm. The sound is produced by a diaphragm that is plugged into the tire of the vehicle moving in an out of the parking lot. Thediaphragm does not get activated until the vehicle becomes motionless and the vehicle is on the move. Thus, the time in-built in the sensor is unique to each individual vehicle. In case the vehicle is slowed down, the signal produces a signal that is identical for all.

The aim of integrating Auto-Pilot technology in automobiles is not only to make them easy to use but to make them safer in a world with limited control resources. With this new technology, the control of the vehicle is given much responsibility and the computerized technology helps the driver to keep his eyes on the road and avoid accidents.

Since the time of inception of the automobile there have been accidents while driving which have claimed many lives. In the past century, the incorporation of seat belts has saved millions of lives. In the past few years, the use of air bags has reduced the fatalities due to collision. However, these measures are not new and have been in existence for decades now. In fact, the first air bag was used in airplanes. The aim of the implementation of air bags was to provide restraint in case of collision.

Seat belts have got through hundred years of development. It was not until the 1900’s that the belts started to be integrated into a car for ultimate protection. The first belt system was called Wippen, which was used in Daimler cars in 1904. The Mercedes-Benz belt system was patented in 1900 by Dr. fedrich Porsche. These were the first successful production belt systems.

The aim of the present invention of the automaker is totechnology to makethos safe in auto crashes. In 2005 more than 220,000 automobiles were involved in fatal crashes and homemade devices were not able to prevented most of the crashes.

The bottom line is that in times to come whenautomakersthat seek innovation to fruition, safety should be the focus of this endeavor.

drive safely. Please think twice before you drive.

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